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I am George Evans. I created Network & Web Design Services in 2007 as a full service technology company. I am an industry certified computer professional with certifications from CompTIA (Computer Technology Industry Association) and from Microsoft, as a Microsoft Certified Professional and a Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician.  I started working on computers in 1995. I am a professional website designer and graphics designer. I started to digitally design over 20 years ago. I have a professional service background for over 35 years and guarantee my work and services. Every client has and will have direct personal contact with me. I have built my business on the simple concept of making expensive, quality professional services affordable. Whether it is my mobile, onsite computer repair services, remote technical support, professional website design services, or my graphic design services,

"I strive to provide excellent service to every client!" 

Professional Qualifications

Industry Certified Computer Professional

  • CompTIA A+ (Hardware & Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Servers)

  • CompTIA Network+: (Network Adminstration, Design, Installation, Servicing)

  • Microsoft Certified Professional

  • Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician

CompTIA A+ Certified Badge
Microsoft Certified Professional Badge
CompTIA Network+ Certified Badge
Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician Badge
Website and Graphic Design

  • Website Designer: custom design, template-based, online designers

  • Graphics Designer: custom design for websites, logos, flyers, programs; create PowerPoint presentations, video presentations, image and video editing, and more.

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